35 Years of MCSW: Building a Future Made of Steel

35 Years of MCSW: Building a Future Made of Steel

MCSW 35th Anniversary

Founded in Missouri in 1987, MID-CONTINENT STEEL AND WIRE is excited to celebrate 35 years of generating growth through steel. We could not be more excited to share our history, success, and all the extraordinary achievements made possible by our employees, customers, communities, and the DEACERO family.

Celebrating 35 Years of Superior Steel Products

MCSW did not achieve 35 years of successful business simply through good luck. Reaching this milestone required the perfect blend of people, values, and high-quality solutions. Let’s take a moment to reflect on where we’ve been as we celebrate this impressive achievement.

A Quick Look Back at the Past

In 1987, before the name MID-CONTINENT STEEL AND WIRE, our original business—Mid Continent Nail Corporation—was formed in response to the need for machine-quality nails in the pallet manufacturing industry. In 2012, we embraced a merger with the North American Company, DEACERO. As a new member of our parent company, innovation and transformation were at an all-time high.

Our business had a solid foundation and continued to make several acquisitions and internal developments over the years. The original team started small, but we are now proud to serve a multitude of markets throughout the U.S. and Canada, including agriculture, residential and commercial construction, and manufacturing industries such as pallet manufacturing, energy & utilities, recycling, bedding, consumer goods, and construction products manufacturing.

In the years since we’ve kept up with the times and transitioned to sustainable business practices. As a result, we quickly achieved one of the world’s lowest CO2 emissions per ton of steel. In addition, we have adapted and transformed our product offerings to meet all our customer’s needs. From beam fabrication and reinforcement mesh to pneumatic tools and industrial wire—we’ve got it all.

Today, we are a powerhouse of steel manufacturing and distribution. The path was not easy, but we’ve made it to this point because our vision remained intact. We work to serve a greater cause than ourselves—to build and secure your future. Steel is an integral part of our daily lives, and that’s a story worth celebrating.

Here’s To A Future Made of Steel

To our employees, partners, customers, and community members—thank you for the trust and support you’ve continued to show us. We know that these 35 years are just the beginning of a remarkable story, and we can’t wait to discover what the future has in store for all of us.

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