High-quality steel solutions tailored to your needs

about us


Since 1972, Mid Continent Steel and Wire has been providing exceptional steel wire products and solutions across America.

Our international footprint allows us to deliver more product muscle and stability than any other provider in the United States.

We are proud to serve the agriculture, construction, and manufacturing markets and aim to exceed our customers’ expectations with consistent communication, responsive lead times, and reliable delivery.

We aren’t focused on short-term gains. Our goal is to provide sustainable value so that we may secure your future and a fruitful relationship for years to come.

about us

Mid Continent Steel and Wire tailors high-quality steel solutions to your needs. We are committed to using our expertise to offer you the best products and service.

  • Superior Customer Service

    Your trust is sacred to us. We are committed to offering the best service to our clients by leveraging our expertise in the steel wire industry. We excel in our reliability, flexibility, and speed to market.

  • Vertical Integration

    As a vertically integrated company, we have total control over quality from start to finish.

  • Exceptional Steel Products

    With decades of experience on our side, we manufacture the highest quality and broadest market mix of steel solutions and products.

Our Brands

Our family of brands in the U.S. are listed below. Visit each website for more information about their products.


– A mix of fasteners designed for wood framing, finish, pallet
production, and other industrial applications.

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– A comprehensive mix of farm, ranch, commercial and residential
fencing products, as well as concrete reinforcement and erosion
control mesh products.

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– Offers fencing expertise, installation training, and produces a
high-tensile Fixed Knot fence alongside a full line of conventional
fencing products and accessories.

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– A line of aesthetically-appealing yet practical security fences for
residential and commercial perimeter protection.

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– Offers welded, positively deformed steel wire reinforcement mats
ready to meet your concrete reinforcement needs.

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– A provider of high-performance wire rope for lifting, anchoring and
pulling solutions for the construction and industrial markets.

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– A critical provider of industrial steel wire for various U.S.
manufacturing industries.

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