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Laredo, TX

Designmaster offers the most appealing security fences for residential and commercial perimeter protection in the construction market that don’t sacrifice aesthetics for practical integrity. We are a top fencing provider to parks, theme parks, schools, and franchise restaurants, and we pride ourselves in building a beautiful world, one fence at a time.

Our Designmaster fence system includes panels, posts, and other hardware and fixtures. Our designs are available in different heights and colors. They include the Forte, Contempo, Milan, Florence, Crowd-Control, and Classic- each one combining beauty and functionality without sacrificing durability and strength. Made with galvanized metal, our products are treated with phosphate, and powder coated for maximum protection against corrosion. Our aesthetically appealing designs blend into the surroundings and give the look of wrought iron without the additional costs or maintenance.

Additionally, the World Steel Association accredits Designmaster as an active member in the Climate Action Program. This is due to our continued commitment to reducing the use of natural resources and our emissions to the environment throughout our manufacturing processes. Our sustainability initiative guides how we approach all facets of our operation. All our fences are eco-friendly, partially recycled and completely recyclable with a non-toxic finish. Thanks to these green features, Designmaster fences can provide credits for LEED certification

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