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Houston, TX

Product quality, service to our customers, great
sales staff, and the very latest technology are the
foundations of the STAY-TUFF brand.

STAY-TUFF is known in the fencing business for our expertise and installation training. We have one of the broadest line of high-tensile and low carbon fences in the market plus a full line of conventional fencing tools and accessories. Our fences are renowned for their impact resistance, durability, and a lower total cost of installation. Our superior wire coatings ensure our products will stand the test of time.

Our sales staff is fully knowledgeable about all facets of fence construction and spend many days each year building demonstration fences so that our customers can see the true benefits of a genuine STAY-TUFF fence.

All our products are easy to unroll and install – in fact, we have step-by-step guides and videos that teach you how to plan and build your fence. We provide you the quality materials and guidance you need to build a superior fence. Our goal is to make your fencing experience a great one and to leave you with a product that will require little care once completed. With locations and staff all over the United States, our superior all-around fence products are easy to find.

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