About Us

Who We Are

  • Mission

    To provide exceptional steel wire products and solutions across America in order to build and secure the future of our communities, employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders.

  • vision

    To be America’s preferred choice by consistently creating value while honoring our guiding principles and values.

  • Values

    The Mid Continent Steel and Wire family operates based on the following values: respecting each individual, focusing on collaborative work, safeguarding our communities, pursuing perfection with humility, and always creating value for the customer.


The conception of Mid Continent Steel and Wire can be traced back to 1987 when its predecessor, Mid Continent Nail Corporation, was formed in response to the need for machine-quality pallet nails in the recently automated pallet assembly process.

The Missouri company thrived in the steel fastener industry for 25 years and readied itself to evolve for the next big market shift. In order to combine its American principles of hard work, respect, optimism, and reliability with a broad market mix of high-performance steel solutions, Mid Continent Nail Corporation embraced a 2012 merger.

The new parent company that made this transformation possible was 60-year-old North American company, Deacero. Started by Don Cesar M. Gutiérrez in 1952, the handmade chain-link fence operation grew to become a premium manufacturer of high-quality steel solutions. Over the next year, Deacero and Mid Continent Nail Corporation developed efficiencies and evolved this U.S. business unit into Mid Continent Steel and Wire, Inc. – an organization that is truly representative of the best that each of its predecessors had to offer.

Mid Continent and its dedicated family of brands and employees are committed to providing a comprehensive mix of high-quality products and outstanding service each and every day. We aim to build and secure the future of our communities, employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders by offering reliable, best-in-class steel solutions at an unbeatable value.

In pursuit of our mission, Mid Continent Steel and Wire has made several strategic acquisitions and internal brand developments over the past several years. The development of our trusted brands (Stay-Tuff Fence, Magnum Fasteners, Rangemaster Fence, Designmaster Fence, WWR, DWR, and Mid Continent Industrial) has allowed our family of steel solutions providers to tirelessly serve the construction, agriculture, and manufacturing industries throughout the U.S.

The Mid Continent Steel and Wire family of brands continues to model and scale the superior customer service that Mid Continent Nail Corporation worked to build in the heart of America for over 25 years. By adopting the best customer service aspects of our seven core brands, we will improve day in and day out to become America’s preferred choice for steel wire solutions.