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Our Rebar

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  • Different rebar grades and lengths.
  • Straight, coiled, or spooled.
  • Fishbone or V type.
  • Ready to meet any concrete reinforcement requirement.


  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards.
  • State of art manufacturing technology.
  • Product availability.
  • High production capacity.

Meets ASTM A615 G40, G60 or G80 & ASTM A706
for Weldable Bars


We believe that sustainability is an opportunity for growth, innovation, and long-term value for our business. We have a strong commitment to corporate responsibility, and sustainable development is one of our highest strategic priorities, including:

Reducing our carbon footprint/environmental impact.

Supporting the communities in which
we operate.

Ensuring that our workforce has an opportunity for growth.

One of the lowest CO2 emissions per ton of steel in the world.