What are construction fasteners and how to use them

What are construction fasteners and how to use them

Fasteners play an essential role in the construction industry by securely joining or affixing two pieces of different materials together, ensuring the stability, strength, and integrity of structures. There are various types of construction fasteners, each designed for specific applications and different purposes, such as attaching fixtures in a non permanent way, preventing wood splitting, or for use in steel construction.

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Construction fasteners
Construction fasteners

Most common types of construction fasteners

  1. Nails: Common nails are used for general framing and construction. Finish nails are typically smaller and designed for finishing work, such as trim and molding.
  1. Screws: There is a wide variety of screws used in the construction industry, such as wood screws, drywall screws, and self-drilling screws.
  1. Anchors: These include expansion anchors that expand when tightened to provide a secure hold, and sleeve anchors designed for use in solid concrete.
  1. Staples: Used for attaching structures like insulation, wire, or fabric to surfaces.
Different types of construction fasteners

Common uses of fasteners in construction

  1. Connecting Structural Components: Bolts and nuts are commonly used to join beams, columns, and other structural members. Screws are typically used in wood construction to fasten panels, frames, and other components.
  1. Securing Building Envelopes: Used to attach siding, roofing structures, and sheathing to the building’s exterior.
  1. Concrete Construction: Anchor bolts are embedded in concrete to secure structures like columns or equipment to the foundation.
  1. Electrical and Mechanical Systems: Screws and nuts are the go-to for securing electrical boxes, conduits, and mechanical equipment. Bolts and Anchors are preferred for attaching heavy machinery or equipment to floors or walls.
  1. Interior Finishing: For attaching drywall, trim, and other interior finishing materials. Anchors are used to secure items to walls, such as shelves or cabinets.
  1. Woodworking: Used in the assembly of wooden structures and furniture.
  2. Temporary Structures: Fasteners like bolts and nuts are a great choice for the construction of temporary structures, such as scaffolding.
  1. Roofing: For securing shingles or other roofing materials to the roof deck.
Construction industry fasteners
Construction industry fasteners

Types of collated nails

  1. Plastic strip nails: Connected together in a strip or a plastic band. These are commonly used in pneumatic nail guns for efficient and rapid fastening in various construction applications. The plastic strip serves as a carrier for the nails and is designed to fit into the magazine of the nail gun.
  1. Paper tape nails: A strip of paper is used to hold the nails together. These nails are primarily used with pneumatic nail guns designed for paper tape collation. The paper tape collation helps reduce the likelihood of jams in the nail gun, ensuring a smoother and more continuous nailing process.
  1. Wire coil nails: These come connected together in a coil or roll, and the collation is typically made of wire. The wire coil design allows for a large quantity of nails to be held together, providing efficient and high-capacity nailing.
Nail fasteners
Nail fasteners

Mid-Continent Steel and Wire Fasteners

We offer a wide mix of fastener designs for the most critical wood framing and finish applications in the market. We are proud to provide a broad range of fasteners that meet today’s stringent building code compliance through the ICC report, National Design Specification (NDS) requirements and as referenced by the Uniform Building Code (UBC), International Building Code and International Residential Code (IRC).

Hand Drive Bulk Nails

  • Type of Nails: Common, Duplex, Spike, Box, Vinyl Sinkers, Joist Hanger, Masonry
  • Presentations: 1lb, 5lb, 30 lb, and 50 lb

21° Plastic Strip Nails

  • Finishes: Bright or HDG
  • Meets: ASTM F-1667, ICC ESR-1539

33 ½° Paper Tape Nails

  • Finishes: Bright, HDG, or Bright/Hardened Joist Hanger Nails
  • Meets: ASTM F-1667, ICC ESR-1539

15° Wire Coil Nails

  • Finishes: Bright, HDG, EG & Hardened
  • Shank: Smooth, Ring, or Screw

Our wide range of quality fasteners and components can be used in residential and commercial building. If you need more information about our products or you can’t find what you are looking for, please reach us via our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.