What nails are used for pallets

What nails are used for pallets

Nail fasteners are essential to improve the durability of pallets, which can save time and money used for repairs. The right nails can extend the life of the pallet, just as a more durable pallet also does a better job of protecting the product.

Pallet nails

Pallet nail function

Pallet nail fasteners are used to join two or more objects together in a permanent or non-permanent way. There are many different types of materials to choose from, depending on the application.

Rather than requiring extensive welding or needing materials such as glue, cement, or tape to bind components together, contractor workers can save on costs and labor with pallet nails. They can make your project safer and improve its quality.

Nails for construction

There are many types of pallet nails intended for different applications and materials. At Mid-Continent, we are proud to provide a broad range of fasteners. 

We make sure you have all your project needs to be successful!

Pallet Nail Types

Why are quality pallet nails important?

The reliability of fasteners can make or break the project, the wrong choice may not provide a strong connection between materials and poor-quality nails will only last for a while.

The right pallet nails are designed to provide safety, durability, and to make the job easier. At Mid-Continent Steel and Wire, we create construction, manufacturing and industrial fasteners to make sure you have a wide range of choices to select from. All of them made from quality steel that could simply add value to your project.