How many square does 1 box of coil nails cover

How many square does 1 box of coil nails cover

The right planning before your roofing project can help you estimate how many roofing nails are needed for the job. Consider the foundation and framing to have an accurate weight of the nails before starting the task or hiring a professional roofing contractor.

Architectural shingles vary in roofing materials, size, and other factors such as if you’re using synthetic underlayment. Here are a few tips to know how many roofing nails per square you need.

How many coil nails per square

How to calculate roofing nails is a common question. The standard recommends using four nails per shingle on the main area of your roof and five in the first row of roofing, on average, this would be around 320 nails. If you live in high wind areas, five nails per shingle would be safest, about 480 per square.

But this can vary depending on the project, these are a few recommendations to start with:

  • Choose a nail that is the right length and size for your shingle.
  • Consider the wind conditions in your area to determine the material.
  • Estimate the weight of the roofing shingles and select your safest and most reliable nail option.
  • Become familiar with the required codes and regulations in your state.

Roofing nail materials

The material you choose depends on the roofing project you’re building. Consider these factors before selecting your roofing nails. The right kind of roofing nails can reduce labor and increase safety, durability, and reliability.

  • Galvanized steel: These are coated in zinc and resistant to rust and corrosion, a well-suited choice for asphalt shingles.
  • Stainless steel: These are even more resistant to rust and corrosion. They are the preferred option when building in areas that are more exposed to the elements.
  • Copper: Highly resistant to corrosion, they are often used for tile roofs.
  • Aluminum: Lightweight nails that don’t rust, a great choice for metal roofs.
  • Coil nails: These are used in nail guns, a time-saver for larger projects.

Benefits of Coil Nails

These types of nails are made for large projects that can benefit from a nail gun, making the job faster, easier, and more efficient.

We provide coil nails available in Bright, HDG, EG & Hardened finishes and Smooth, Ring, or Screw shanks.

When building any construction project, a solid foundation is very important, the roofing material, the size of roof shingles, among other factors; will determine how many roofing nails are needed and the best type for a successful installation.

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