Team & Culture

We Are Mid Continent.

At Mid Continent Steel and Wire, we are driven by the belief that the safety, engagement, and empowerment of our people is the key to our success. By nurturing every team member throughout our multi-national supply chain, we will sustainably grow and optimize the manufacturing and distribution processes behind our high-quality steel solutions.

The Mid Continent Steel
and Wire Team

We truly believe our biggest asset is our people, whom we encourage to participate in setting and achieving challenging goals while supporting each other’s efforts.

We live by our values and culture of excellence to seek perfection, lead with humility, respect every individual, and create value for the customer. Our employees recognize that every person is valuable, has untapped potential, and is therefore deserving of respect. Every single team member’s contribution is critical to the success of the company, so we promote and reward ideal behaviors at all levels of our organization.

Mid Continent is proud to have highly motivated employees who are actively engaged and contribute to the vitality of the community. By doing so, we have created an efficient and valuable environment that builds trust.

We are constantly searching for innovative ways to build and secure your future, our future, and the future of our communities for decades to come.