Markets We Serve

Through several strategic acquisitions and internal U.S. brand developments, Mid Continent Steel and Wire has developed a broad market mix of high-quality steel solutions to serve the Agriculture, Construction, and Manufacturing Markets.


Our service to the agriculture industry consists of premier agricultural fencing solutions, served by our Rangemaster and Stay-Tuff Fence brands from our Houston and Laredo locations. We provide a variety of comprehensive fencing solutions, conventional fencing products, and installation training to meet any and all needs of our agricultural customers.

Our Rangemaster brand is known for its field fence, sheep and goat fencing, horse fence, barbed wire fencing and much more. Carrying the Rangemaster product line makes it easy for distributors, wholesalers, and retailers to offer a comprehensive mix of high-performance fencing solutions to retailers and end users.

Our Stay-Tuff brand also serves the needs of agricultural retailers with superior cattle fence, hog wire, high tensile electric fence wire and more. We are true fencing experts known for providing the best installation training in the industry.


Continent Steel and Wire serves the construction industry with a broad mix of superior fastener products, wire rope, fencing solutions, concrete reinforcement, and erosion control. Our Magnum, WWR, DWR, Rangemaster, and Designmaster brands produce these construction solutions in our Poplar Bluff, Ontario CA, and Laredo facilities.

Our Magnum brand specializes in nails and fasteners for hand-driven and pneumatic use in the construction industry. When it comes to the lifting, anchoring, and pulling needs within the construction industry, our WWR brand manufactures high-performance wire rope to suit most jobs.

In the construction markets, our Rangemaster and Designmaster fence brands offer the security barriers that you need to remain compliant and maintain the look of a classy perimeter fence without the cost or maintenance.

Lastly, the DWR brand excels at providing the construction market with positively deformed steel wire reinforcement mats for building barrier walls, high rise towers, structural slabs and even drainage and erosion control barriers.

No matter which angle you serve the construction industry from, our selection of premium steel products will help reduce your operational friction and improve the end result.


We reliably serve the manufacturing industry with our industrial wire solutions, bulk pallet nails, and industrial staples from our Mid Continent Industrial and Magnum brands. Our Poplar Bluff, Laredo, and Ontario CA locations coordinate with our logistics partners throughout the U.S. to reliably serve the needs of our manufacturing customers.