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Glendale, AZ

DWR Structural Concrete Reinforcing manufactures welded, positively deformed steel wire reinforcement mats made from large-diameter rods that are pre-cut, fusion-welded to ASTM- 496 standards, and ready to meet your concrete reinforcement needs. DWR provides construction labor solutions that help increase productivity by increasing construction speed. Whether you are building barrier walls, high rise towers, or structural slabs – DWR is the answer.

Our mats offer optimal load distribution, superior crack control, and resistance to bending while casting concrete. They can maintain their integrity and shape even when driven over with heavy construction equipment. DWR mats are routinely manufactured in Grade 80 deformed steel, higher-strength than the minimum requirement by ASTM-496 of Grade 70. The mats can be installed up to 10 times faster than typical mats and significantly cut the required costs and time of your projects.

All our wires are cold-rolled, positively deformed, and pre-straightened. Our precise and permanent spacing ensures optimal shrinkage, separation crack control, and minimal random cracks for reduced liability.

Additionally, we employ professional staff members that develop and supervise complete projects from take-offs to shop drawings to fabrication to job site delivery. We also have the capability to provide job site assistance.

When you need a product that assures superior concrete bond strength, contact DWR.

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